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Best New Roofing Products 2020

The best new roofing products are set to take off even further in 2020. In recent years, the market has been overflowing with innovative and affordable options. Therefore, homeowners who want to be ahead of the game should take a look at the most popular roofing trends in 2020. 

The trend for roofing products changes every year. And some trends can inspire your next home or business roof renovation or replacement. There’s a roofing product to fit your needs whether you are looking for one that is cost-effective, durable or that has a specific aesthetic.

Best Roofing Products to Watch in 2020

Best Overall Roofing Product of 2020: Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are no longer reserved for industrial buildings or barns. We will see metal roofs in a wide array of colors and styles in 2020. One of the advantages of metal roofing is that it lasts longer than most other roofing products. It also works better at reflecting UV rays. 

This protection from the sun’s rays allows you to keep your home cool on hot summer days. It also acts as an insulator during winter, helping to maintain the steady temperature inside the home. This alone can save you tons of money in energy costs over the long run.

Furthermore, there is a metal roofing product that will also look great. Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles such as standing seams and asphalt shingle-like panels.

Best Innovative Roofing Product of 2020: Solar Roofing Panels

solar roof panels hill background

Solar panels are one of the roofing trends you are bound to see in 2020. Over the past several years, solar panels have become more and more accessible to homeowners across the country. Solar panels are durable and affordable while also protecting the house and roof. 

Some states now offer homeowners discounts for installing solar panels on their homes. It is a great option to consider if you want to save some money on your electricity bill. 

Best Value Roofing Product of 2020: Synthetic Roofing

Another roofing product that is a must in 2020 is synthetic roofing materials. CeDUR is a synthetic roofing product made from durable polyurethane. CeDUR doesn’t rot, split, warp, or lose color. Furthermore, it has an unparalleled, authentic appearance as it is molded from real wood shakes.  

This synthetic roofing material is actually a quality product. It is lightweight and incredibly durable–with a Class 4 Impact Rating and Class A Fire Rating. CeDUR can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 115 mph.  It will provide great curb appeal as well as great protection for your home

Best Energy Efficient Roofing Product of 2020: Cool Roofing

States such as California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas have a warmer climate than the rest of the country. And UV rays increase the temperature of the house which in turn degrades the roof more rapidly. That’s why building codes in these states require roofing products that reflect UV rays. As a result,  cool roofing products are becoming more and more popular. 

Cool roofing comes with light tiles and reflective paint. By reflecting the UV rays, you can keep the temperature of your house under control. This allows you to prolong the lifespan of the roof but also save some money in the long run.

New Roofing Trends to Watch

Light Colors

colorful roof shingles

Your roof no longer must be black or grey. However, these colors will never go out of style, But nowadays, homeowners are now turning to the lighter color roofing options regardless of the roofing material. 

Lighter color creates a softer looking home exterior. Soft-green, warm blue, off-white, beige, and taupe are just some of the light-colored roofing materials available now. As a bonus, softer or lighter colors reflect the sun’s UV rays, rather than absorbing it. This helps to keep the home cooler. 

Flat Roofs Making a Comeback in 2020

The past 30 years have not been kind to modern design approaches. However, they are starting to make a big comeback. Flat roofs are making their way back into style due to the mass refurbishment of old industrial and commercial spaces into sought-after properties. 

Flat roofs create a more modern, minimalistic looking home exterior.  They are cost-effective new builds compared to other styles of roofing materials. Also, flat roofs are versatile. They are known as green roofs and can support solar panels and even a rooftop deck.

Other Roofing Products to Watch in 2020:

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings are a part of a recent trend in the roofing manufacturing industry. This is the fastest way for the homeowners to update their roof without entirely replacing it. The process is simple and mainly entails adding a silicone coat to an existing roof, then changing the color and adding durability. 

Silicone roof coatings help to create an impermeable, leak-proof membrane that does not rot, decay or crack when exposed to the UV rays. 

Green Roofing

green roof ocean

Green roofing is now becoming very popular among homeowners as concern for the global climate grows. A green roof is basically a live roof covered with soil and certain types of vegetation. 

Having a garden as a roof adds a unique aesthetic to the home. Also, it leaves a positive impact on the environment. It creates a natural habitat that helps to reduce acid rain corrosion and maintains the temperature inside the home by acting as an insulator. 

GAF Shingles

Are GAF Shingles the right choice for your home? This is one of the most commonly asked questions from homeowners. To understand why GAF roofing shingles are the first choice for roofers, let’s take a look at what GAF is and how it benefits the homeowners and the roofers. 

General Aniline & Film or GAF has historically been focused on manufacturing materials for commercial and residential roofing applications. The primary reason homeowners choose GAF over other roofing companies is that GAF is a complete roofing system. All of its roofing products such as the condensing unit, indoor coil, gas furnace, and thermostat control are designed to work together. This is the reason why you are bound to get the optimized result when you choose GAF for your home. 

There is yet another great reason GAF may be the right choice for your home. The GAF Master Elite certification guarantees that contractors and the roofers are licensed and insured and are properly trained on how to install its products. GAF also comes with the best warranties in the industry. GAF Timberline or shingles show excellent resistance to tearing in high winds. 

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