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Owning a house in Georgia means you are faced with a variety of weather issues, including extreme temperatures, so roof inspection should always be at the top of your head. At Elite Roofing, we see these outcomes of extreme weather and temperatures all the time. Both cause damage to your roof and other parts of your home quite quickly.

Clients often ask us about the kinds of damage we see most often. We see a lot of things when it comes to Georgia roofing, but one thing we see a lot that people don’t expect us to see is sun damage.

A lot of homeowners first hear about sun damage when we perform one of our free Multipoint Inspsections for them. 

During this inspection, we will provide an estimate for the roofing work you need. The service is done for free to help homeowners understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity of a home. Structural integrity helps to keep your family and finances safe.

Read on to find out more about 

  1. What we see in relation to roofing sun damage.
  2. How we can help correct and prevent sun damage.
  3. What ignoring roofing sun damage causes.
  4. The other services we provide.
  5. How we handle financing and warranty.

Roofing problems and maintenance can seem overwhelming. However, they don’t need to be when you work with dependable, professional roofers. The team here at Elite Roofing knows these guidelines will help you get a handle on what you can accomplish with our help! 

Roofing Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Before we begin, take a moment to review some additional information about sun damage and roofing to assist you as you read the following information.

What we see in relation to roofing sun damage.

The one thing that a lot of people don’t understand is that sun damage causes all kinds of roof damage. It causes leaks. Our clients always say that they thought leaks came from storm damage or other traumatic events, but being exposed to the Georgia heat can cause your roof to malfunction in many ways. Sun damage occurs in the winter, too, because UV rays extend beyond the summer heat.

What ignoring roofing sun damage causes.

Ignoring sun damage to your roof will exacerbate existing damage. As your roof begins to falter in more advanced ways, you might see damage to the sides of your house. You might see damage to your landscaping. And you could even see damage to the foundation of your house, including everything between your roof and the foundation.

How we can help prevent and repair sun damage.

One of the best ways to prevent roofing sun damage comes from booking an Elite Roofing Multipoint Inspection. Our inspections allow for regular maintenance assessments and will catch problems before they gain momentum that can devastate your home. If your roof already needs repair, then we can perform those repairs for you. 

The other services we provide.

During your Multipoint Inspection, we will be able to tell if you need any of our other services. For instance, we can also do a free inspection to see if you need a storm damage repair. We can also examine your gutters and let you know if you need a gutter restoration or replacement.

How we handle financing and warranty.

We work with insurance companies. We work with customers who pay in other ways. We are sure we can help you find a solution for your roofing project. Our roofing warranties last for ten years and are worth the investment. Our attention to customer service as well as our industry knowledge, makes us a leading Georgia roofing company.

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