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If your roof is in a state of despair from damage over time then it’s time to consider a roof replacement. Elite Roofing of Georgia is the leading provider of residential roofing services in Alpharetta GA.

With more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, we can not only provide you the best roofing products in the industry but also can help you to sort out any insurance issues and get the job done on time.

Why do you need roof replacement in Alpharetta GA?

Roof replacement is an investment that is well worth in the long run. Let’s see how you can check if you qualify for roof replacement.

Storm damage

Storms can damage a roof in many different ways. Often high winds blow the shingles off or cause tree branches to come down. Therefore, damaging the structure of the roof and also the shingles of the roof. Depending on the size of the damage, a partial or full roof replacement may be needed.

Increase home value

Roof replacement increase curb appeal and real estate value. Even when the asphalt shingles aren’t damaged or worn out, most homeowners decide to install a new roof as they prepare to sell the house. With an exterior paint job or with a new exterior siding, a new roof will make an old house look brand new. In addition to its aesthetic impact, a new roof is seen as financial security to any prospective buyers.

Replace a worn-out roof

Asphalt roof shingles usually last for at least 15 to 20 years. Unfortunately, several factors shorten the life of asphalt roof like low slope, ice or storm damaging, moss or mold growth. So if your roof has any of the worn-out sign then it’s time for roof replacement or roof repairs.

Complete a remodel

If you are planning to add square footage, skylights, or dormers to your house then changing your roofline or installing a new roof might be the right thing to do. Otherwise, you may come up with an odd combination of unattractive old roofing mixed with new roofing.

Ice damage

If you can see the ice dams or ridges of ice on the edge of your roof then it means that you have roof ventilation issues. When you have poor ventilation system, the heat from your attic melts the ice on the roof which causes the melted ice to run off to the edge of the roof or gutters. Later, cold air freezes the melted ice on the edge of the roof and causes ice dams. The ice dams help the next wave of snow to back up and freeze as well.

The process creates icicles and the added pressure from the ice can pull out the roof materials. This allows the water to back up and seep into the inner layer of the roof and damages the roof. That’s why if you have roof ventilation issues then it’s better to get either a new roof or roof repairs.

Discolored walls or ceiling

Water stains on your walls, ceilings, or the exterior of your home may indicate a leak from your roof. If the insulation of your attic is soggy then it means that you have a major problem with the leakage in your roof.

Benefits of residential roofing in Alpharetta GA

At Elite Roofing of Georgia, we handle roof replacement or roof repairs for home and businesses of all sizes. We’ve seen the impact a new roof can have on a home and the families inside of them. Here are a couple of the benefits your neighbors have seen.

Safety is key

If your old roof is deteriorated to the point where it should be replaced immediately, the roof could collapse anytime and cause immediate injury. By installing a new roof, your ensuring safety for you and your family.

A manufacturer warranty

Another benefit of getting a new roof is that you can get a manufacturer warranty. Elite Roofing of Georgia is authorized to provide a long-term warranty by the manufacturer of certain materials. Depending on which manufacturer you get your roofing materials from, the warranty that comes with roof replacement may cover things like labor or materials.

Save energy

One of the biggest benefits of roof replacement or roof repairs is that it’s a smart investment that adds value to your house. A new roof helps you to stabilize the temperature inside the house year-round. In turn, it can cut down significantly on utility costs by up to 10-25%.

Get peace of mind

Another great thing about getting roof replacement is that not only it ensures your family’s safety but also gives you a peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about paying for your roof repairs any time soon. Elite Roofing of Georgia is happy to give you peace of mind as well. We take care of all your residential roofing needs in the Alpharetta, GA area.

About Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, Georgia is an enchanting city that is perfectly positioned between the adventurous North Georgia mountains and downtown Atlanta. Its location gives you quick access to more than 300 adventurous and enchanting attractions. Alpharetta draws music lovers from all around the world as it includes the Ameris Bank Amphitheater.

A city that is home to more than 200 restaurants and 750 acres of parkland, Alpharetta is a one of a kind community. You can gather the family for a visit to the Walk of Memories to honor the veterans who bravely served in the military.

You can also explore the Big Creek Greenway of 8-miles long and 12-foot wide path for inline skating, biking, rollerblading, or even walking and enjoy the flora and fauna, birds and mammals from the trail.

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