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Commercial Roofing Marietta GA

Elite Roofing of Georgia is a proud leader of commercial roofing in Marietta, GA. We have been in business for more than a decade. Our years of roofing services give us the experience needed to perform repairs and replacement on your building’s roofing system.

We pride ourselves on being fast and always professional at the job site and in our interactions. Tirelessly we perform to ensure your commercial roofing is in tip-top shape.

Commercial Roofing Services in Marietta, Georgia

A building’s roof is the first line of defense against harsh weather elements such as strong winds, hailstones, and brutal weather conditions.  Consequently, the longer you wait to repair your damaged roof the worse the issue becomes. Eventually, leading to cost you more on complete roof replacement in the future.

Save yourself the hassle by hiring professional commercial roofers who will come out to evaluate the situation. Our inspection will stop further threats to the roofing system before problems escalate.

Sometimes roof problems are not as bad as they look and a simple patch up might just be all that’s needed. However, keep in mind that the longer you wait the higher the chances are a small problem could later become a major one.

Our roof repair services include roof coating application and maintenance on commercial properties such as offices, schools, churches, hotels and other properties. We understand that roof damage starts from build-up of dirt and debris and a good cleaning can save you potential damages as well as the extra cost of repairs of your commercial roof down the line.

If you think you may need repairs done to your commercial roof, call us any time of the day. We will discuss your problem with you and schedule a free, fair and honest consultation at no cost.

Installation of Commercial Roofing

Our process for commercial roofing projects begins long before labor begins. Roofing installation begins with a thorough consultation between property owners, business owners and our roofing experts. What kind of business will be operating inside the building is how we make our recommendations. Understanding local weather clime, energy efficiency needs and budget is equally important to find the best type of roofing solution.

One of the biggest differences between commercial and residential roofing is the timing of installation. Majority of residential projects finish in less than a week. Whereas commercial projects can go for months at a time, depending on the size. Commercial roofing systems tend to be complex and more difficult in nature. It takes days at a time for things to cure, settle, and glue together.

Commercial Roofing Materials for Marietta GA

We offer several commercial materials that fit most buildings. To name a few, we offer TPO, EPDM, shingle roofs, and metal roofs.

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a form of single-ply roofing. TPO is especially heat-reflective and energy efficient. Ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure are drastically reduced by this kind of material.
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) has been used for about 60 years. It is mechanically attached to the frame of the roof versus chemical adhesion. It is known for its durability and flexibility.
  • Commercial shingles are an excellent choice because of the affordable upfront cost and aesthetic. Commercial shingles are weather-resistant, fire-resistant and provide protection from impact. Architectural and asphalt are the two main types of shingle roofing.

Commercial metal roofing easily follows different building structures, including flat roofs and low-slopes. They are styled in multiple ways because of their versatility. The most popular materials used in metal roofing are aluminum and steel.

Commercial Roofers With Integrity

Having served hundreds of businesses over the years in Marietta, we continue to work harder, faster and more efficiently to get your property on track. We work around your schedule to prevent disruption to the daily activities of your business. Working on a commercial roof is fairly noisy. With that in mind, we do everything possible to minimize disturbances because we do not want to affect the day-to-day of your operation.

Elite Roofing of Georgia employs roofing contractors that specialize in all commercial roofing types and styles.

Our staff is professionally trained to handle different commercial properties. We work directly with the building’s architects and engineers to create a solution that meets local building code.

You are not only working with certified roofers but you’re also interacting with our amazing office staff. Their customer service is one of a kind. They will provide regular progress updates of the work done so you always know what’s happening.

About Marietta, Georgia

Marietta is regarded as one of Georgia’s best-managed cities. This is partly because of its small population of about 67,000. Located about 20 miles of Atlanta, Marietta is the county seat of Cobb County. The city has gained national recognition for offering its residents a high-quality style of living. The city settled as a railroad hub in the 1800s. It has grown tremendously over the decades, benefiting immensely from its proximity to Atlanta.

You can take a walk down the historic Marietta downtown and you’ll find a couple of great shops and restaurants. Not too far away is Glover Park, a site where many concerts and outdoor events hold. You can catch many city events downtown. Some of these include parades, art strolls, and a farmers market. “The Big Chicken” is a popular local restaurant offering amazing lunch right at the Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road intersection.

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