Seamless Gutters

Quality Seamless Gutters

Elite Roofing of GA provides our customers with the highest of quality 5″ and 6″ seamless gutters that will keep your space free from water damage caused by gutter leaks. We focus on serving homes and businesses in Georgia with long lasting solutions that make life easier and save you money. For that reason, our gutters are installed with hidden hangers so you will never have your gutters sagging or over flowing again.

Style Matters

Quality and utility are of the highest importance, but style never needs to be sacrificed. Our covers can be color matched to the color of your shingles or siding for a better appearance. We work with you to find the perfect color and style to fit your specific needs for your business or home. Seamless gutters are more aesthetically pleasing than an option like sectional gutters as they are inherently sleek by design.

Our Guarantee

Our goal is to provide our customers with a gutter cover like no other– with a lifetime, no clog guarantee. We are so confident in the service we provide that we have no issue offering a guarantee that lasts for a lifetime; this is due to our 20 years of hands on experience in the industry of roofing and gutter services.

Our Reviews

Not only do we have a long lasting guarantee, we have also have great reviews and have formed many quality relationships with our clients over the years. We don’t just back our services up with great guarantees, warranties, and offers, our reputation speaks for itself.

“Elite did a wonderful job on our roof and gutters. They cleaned up nice and did it all in one day.”
– Sam

“Elite has done 2 roofs for us. They also installed gutters at both houses. They did a great job, were professional, and cleaned up well. We will continue to use them and refer them in the future.”
– Melissa

Why A Good Seamless Gutter System Matters

True seamless gutters mean no leaks. When your gutter leaks, it can cause water damage in and around your home. For example, if you have a leak, water will pool up around the base of your home where it shouldn’t be after a rain. That water then can seep into your floorboards or basement. This kind of leak can be especially costly as you may not notice the leak right away. Gutters are important for this reason. They keep your home free of leaks.

Though a gutter may seem like a small part of your home (compared to your roof or siding) it keeps your space safe from water damage and can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. A good seamless gutter installation will be able to expand and contract with changing temperatures without creating a leak. Your gutter should also be able to handle strong winds and storms. The reason we prefer seamless gutters to sectional gutters is that when done in sections, the gutter is more likely to leak and requires more maintenance.

Seamless gutters hardly ever need maintenance for leaks unless they have been damaged by falling debris, etc. A sectional gutter is also not as durable as a seamless gutter meaning you would have to pay for more maintenance for upkeep and storm damages.

Seamless gutters also create a better aesthetic for your home. Though functionality is our first concern, we want your home or business to have the style that you love. We work hard to provide you work that will save you money, be nice to look at and won’t need extensive repairs during its lifetime. If you do experience damage from fallen debris or a severe storm, we can fix the situation for you. Our gutters will be able to handle a lot, but for those cases when the storm is just too strong, we do provide gutter repair or replacement.

For all of your gutter needs, we can be your one stop for great service!

Materials Used For Seamless Gutters

Copper gutters are extremely durable and are rust resistant. These gutters are long-lasting and can take pretty hefty damage from falling debri. These gutters can be especially useful for any high wind powered storms coming off of the coast. The look of copper gutters can add to your home if you want to create a rustic, antique appearance.

Aluminum gutters are the most popular form of gutter because they can outstand all kinds of weather, are rust resistant, and affordable. Aluminum gutters are also easy to paint a color that best suits your home.

Gutter Styles

K-style gutters are durable and can hold a lot of water, making them one of the most common styles of gutters used. They come in all materials and are easy to install. The K like shape of the gutter also gives them a pleasant aesthetic.

Half-round gutters are another option we offer. We are happy to help you with choosing the best gutter style to protect your roof and your home.

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