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How To Maintain Your Roof

Roof repairs are not a light expense. Even more, replacing your entire roof is one of the most costly projects for your home. By spending a few hours each month, you can maintain your roof and keep it in a perfect state for years to come.

We are sharing a few simple things to easily maintain your roofing system. By following these guidelines below, you’ll lengthen your roof’s lifetime. Carrying out scheduled maintenance to catch any problem immediately and solve them before they get out of control.

Maintain Your Roof

Check Shingles

Deteriorating roofing materials are one of the major causes for a roof replacement. If you have shingles, keeping them free of dirt reduces the high risk of algae, moss, lichen and fungal growth. Particularly, focus on the shingles that are on the edge of the roof or near gutters.

Act fast when you find worn out, damaged or missing shingles on your roof. If the affected area is small or limited to a few shingles, you can easily replace them yourself. This will save you on labor costs. However, if the shingles are beyond your reach where they compromise your safety, then contact a professional roofing contractor.

Overall, shingles are easy to check, maintain and cheap to replace. Keeping a close look at the damaged shingles can contribute to maintaining your roofing system to last longer.

Remove Moss

In the wet or humid climate, the moss can grow easily in the shade or on the hard surfaces. Although it may not seem sinister at first, moss growth causes extensive damages to the integrity of the roof. Moss easily infiltrate under the shingles. From there, it grows, expands and pushes up the shingles. After that, the rainwater  cause leakage while rooting the deck.

When the shingles are flared up, they can easily be torn off by the wind. Furthermore, the moss can accelerate the breakdown of the roof if you have asphalt shingles.

Roof Maintenance


Sealant is typically only applied to low slope roofs to prevent water damage. However, it is sometimes used on residential sloped roofs. If you are aware that your roofing has sealant, it’s crucial to check it as part of your roof maintenance. Sealant can become cracked and tear off. By inspecting every area where the sealant is applied, you can replace it with new sealant.

Overhanging branches

Another part of roof maintenance is trimming the overhanging branches of trees that are too close to your roof or hanging directly over the roof. In the event of an unexpected storm, branches thrashed against the roof and gutters will damage them.

Prevent Rust Damage

If you have used metallic parts in your roofing structure, it’s important to check for rust or corrosion on the metal part regularly. If you inspect any rust development, take a wire-brush to remove it. Painting over the treated rust spot will be effective in preventing rusting in the same area again.

Ice Dam Formation

Repair and the replacement cost because of ice dams are costly and exhaustive. That’s why it is always important to check the insulator system of your house and get a professional inspection of your roof annually. Your roof needs to be kept cool and match the external temperature. This will help to melt the snow on the roof and prevent freezing on the colder parts of the roof.

Maintain Parts Related to Your Roof

Clean The Gutters

Your roofing system and gutter system work together. If a problem occurs within the gutters, it will inevitably affect the roofing. A common problem is water swelling within the gutter system. Water has to continue moving one way or another. What can happen is as water accumulates in the gutters it leaks underneath the roofing.  Water build up like this occurs when gutters are not properly drained due to clogging.

Maintain The Chimney

It’s significant to maintain the chimney and inspect the damaged, missing, or cracked mortar in or on the chimney regularly. As the mortar holds the chimney brick in place it helps to maintain the structure of the roof. Otherwise, the bricks may fall out and cause great damage to the roofing system.

Pay Attention to Your Attic

To increase the longevity of your roof, you should pay attention to your roof maintenance regularly. When you check the condition of the attic regularly, you can spot certain issues like leakage.

To catch a leakage in the early stage, keep an eye for the dark spots on the attic and the ceilings. To look for the signs of missing shingles, a thinned roof or a hole, scan the attic ceiling for daylight.

Hiring a Professional Roofing Company

If you do not have the time or equipment to regularly inspect your roof, give your local roofing company a call. Most companies offer an inspection and maintenance package to keep things your roof and gutter in order.

Elite Roofing of Georgia offers free roof inspections. Based on our review of your residential roof, we offer multiple packages on roof repair, roof replacement and roof maintenance.

As a homeowner, you have a weighty responsibility to preserve your home in the best shape possible. Roof maintenance is a more challenging duty of managing a house. However, by familiarizing yourself with proper maintenance methods, you’re increasing the longevity of your roofing system along with related systems. Preventative maintenance saves you on cost in the long run.