How to Tell When to Add a New Roof to Your Multi-Family Building

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Like with any other structure, you will eventually need to add a new roof to your multi-family building, and the only way to tell WHEN is by seeing the roof replacement signs.

As wear and tear will eventually happen, it is crucial to recognize when the time is so that you can avoid any costly complications.

Consider the Age of the Roof

This is the first roof replacement sign you should look for.

Roofing materials are undoubtedly more durable than ever before. However, every shingle has its day. And taking the age of the current roof on your multi-family unit is important when it comes to determining if it is time for a new roof.

With most asphalt shingles lasting around 25 years, the wear and tear over the years may have taken its toll. Having to constantly repair your roof within a short period could indicate that it is time. If your roof has been exposed to harsh weather conditions, you may even need a new roof sooner than expected.

Look for Signs of Deterioration 

There are instances where a roof may begin to deteriorate before it gets too old. It is crucial that you are able to recognize potential signs of deterioration before they escalate into a full-scale issue. 

You will want to look for signs of curving, curling, or cupping on the shingles. Performing routine inspections after storms can always help you quickly identify issues before they grow into major problems.

Consider the High Costs of Repairing the Structure

Although the cost of repairing your roof may seem low, the costs can quickly add up. If the damaged roof causes problems to the interior of your home, the costs can increase significantly. 

Damaged insulation, ceilings, or even cabinetry caused by a leaking roof can add up to more than $25,000 in damages. Rather than continually trying to patch damaged spots, it can be more beneficial and economical to add a new roof.

Consider if You Want to Give the Place a New Look

As the years go on, the style and appearance of the neighborhood can evolve. To keep up with the changes in the neighborhood, you may want to consider a new roof to give your old building a facelift. Replacing the old roof on your multi-family building is one of the best steps toward creating a more attractive and modern appearance. 

If You Are Trying to Sell the Property

There may come a time when you are interested in selling your multi-family property. If you are in this situation, adding a new roof can ensure you are able to ask for top dollar. Additionally, you can use a new roof as a selling point to attract a larger body of buyers.

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