A whole list of potential problems could arise if your roof is not well maintained, including harmful mold growth and overall structural damage. Water stains on the ceiling as well as water dripping from above are the two-tell tale signs of a leak. The key here is to respond to the leak as quick as possible so as to ameliorate the current and prevent any further damage. The first step is to identify where the leak is coming from: but how? Here are some tips:

Skylights or Chimneys

Added features on your roof lead to a greater possibility of a leak. If your chimney or skylight has not been properly installed, water will penetrate the roofing materials surrounding them. While these features are aesthetically appealing, it’s always best to have a professional confirm that everything has been installed correctly.


It’s possible that the shingles themselves are damaged and, thus, are letting in water through the roof. When shingles are damaged, they will be corroded, cracked, or even missing all together. It’s also important to check if any nails seem loose or have completely detached. Additionally, if any trees hang near your roof, it’s quite possible that they’ve caused some wear and tear.


Flashing prevents water from seeping through a seam in the roof by guiding it in the opposite direction of the seam. We use flashing in areas around vents and chimneys, as well as any other intersections or angles in the roof itself. Once again, if flashing is not properly installed, the water will flow through the roof and begin to cause damage to the home. Like with shingles, looking for damaged or missing areas will tell you if there’s an issue.

While leaking is a common problem when it comes to roofs, it’s important to call a professional ASAP so they can assess and begin to fix the problem. Finding the cause of any leaks sooner rather than later will prevent further damage.

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