Here in Georgia, we’re no stranger to inclement weather. Unfortunately, there’s a variety of weather circumstances that can damage your roof. While hail and other harmful weather immediately come to mind when we think of roof damage, high winds can also cause significant damage to a roof.

Many shingled roofs are made to withstand strong winds; however, leaks, gutter damage, and missing shingles can happen during winds starting around 50 mph.

The tricky thing about roof damage is that it doesn’t always affect the entire surface of the roof. More often than not, wind damage happens along the edges and corners of the roof lining: these are the highly susceptible areas. The wind gets under a small piece of corner shingle and will tend to curl, or rip the shingle off completely, exposing your roof to the elements, which typically leads to leaks.

High winds will also lift the shingles from your roof, which loosens the nails intended to hold them in place.

One of the more conspicuous affects of wind damage is the debris it will stir that can potentially land on your roof, namely, the trees surrounding your property. It’s best to remove any branches (or entire trees) that could potentially come into contact with your roof as they can puncture the shingles, which will inevitably lead to immediate or eventual leaks.

The debris that is blown around by the wind (branches, garbage, deck furniture, lawn decorations, etc.) can often be more damaging to your roof than the wind itself.

Signs of Wind Damage

  • Curling Shingles
  • Leaks
  • Missing Shingles
  • Gutter Damage
  • Chimney Flashing

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