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Metal Roofing Dallas GA

If you’ve never considered a metal roof for your Dallas home, now might be the time. With so many options and benefits of metal roofing Dallas GA, it would be wild not to. From energy savings to customized styles and durability, metal roofing systems are among the best choices for a long-term purchase. Learn more about metal roofs and how you can benefit from having one over your head. 

Types of Metal Roofs

  • Copper – Develops a protective coating with a blue-green shade known as a patina.
  • Corrugated Metal – Allows you to customize the shape and color to better match your style and design taste.
  • Metal Tile – Get wind-resistant, lightweight material that can withstand your body weight and save you money on energy expenses. 
  • Metal slate – Contemporary and classic styling that is as reliable as steel, reusable, and renewable. Aluminum – A lightweight alternative to steel, aluminum is sustainable, fire-resistant, and weather-proof. Steel – Durable and low maintenance, steel is a wise choice all around. 
  • Tin – Comprised of recycled materials, tin can resist rust and cracks and is easy to repair.

Metal Roof Benefits

Metal roofing products can offer you a protective solution that allows you to stay mindful of the environment. Most metal roofing materials are anywhere from 30-60% recycled materials and can be reused or recycled. Certain types of metal can also offer a thermal layer to your home by reflecting the heat from the sun away from your household. If you are looking to save on energy costs, make sure you buy roofing material with an Energy Star Rating. 

Also, there’s no question that metal is your best option when it comes to durability. Certain types of metals can handle hurricanes, hail/snow, and fire, almost anything mother nature wants to throw at it. As long as they install your metal roof correctly, it can last anywhere from 40 years up to 80 or more! During that time, you can rest easy, knowing that your roof is durable, flame-resistant, and keeping your home and all that’s inside safe from the outside elements.

Drawbacks of a Metal Roof

There are some disadvantages when deciding to install a metal roof on your home. If you’re looking to keep a low budget for your roof, you may have to choose a different material. Metal, especially copper, will cost you a pretty penny! If you are in an area that experiences a lot of hail or heavy rain, you’ll likely be hearing it from the inside of your home. Additionally, rain and weather can cause your metal panels to expand and contract. Routine maintenance will keep you safe from any problems caused by movement. If you have a metal roof installed and then years later need a replacement panel, it may be challenging to find a perfect match. When using raw or even industrialized metal, it can be tricky to have an exact match year after year.

Metal Roofing Dallas GA

What are metal roof coatings?

Whenever you purchase a metal roof, it is best to apply several coatings to it. A coating is any form of paint or finish that can protect the metal from the elements such as rain, wind, sun, or even debris. It is a good idea to coat any metal roof you choose. However, there are a few that protect themselves, including:

  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

Ask us for more information on metal roof coating options when you call for a free estimate. 

Shapes for your rooftop

Before you can install your roof, you must first choose a shape. These shapes can depend on the style of your home, the metal’s properties, or other factors. The most common metal roof shapes include:

  • Sheets – These long strips of metal connect according to your needs as a homeowner. 
  • Panels – Coming is square or rectangular form, you can choose between standing seam or corrugated metal. 
  • Look-a-likes – These come in tile or shingle formation and look most like the conventional home roofs you see today.

Maintenance for Metal Roofing Dallas GA

The best way to get your money’s worth with a metal roof is to take care of it! 

When you first install your roof, or maybe even before it is up there, be sure to have a protective coating applied to keep out the elements. For many metals, you must reapply this as time goes on. It is also a good idea to check your panels for dents, cracks, or rust. All of which may require a replacement panel in the long run.

You can sand off rust can and then coat exposed metal with a protectant. Hammer out any large dents. An excellent way to keep your roof safe is to trim away any overhanging branches from nearby trees. If a large branch were to fall onto the roof, say during a storm, there could be severe damage. Owning a metal roof is not maintenance-free, but it is relatively easy to perform. Learn more about metal roof maintenance in our guide.

Are you in the market for a roof replacement? Why not hire an elite roofing company for the job? We perform metal roofing installations regularly and offer many roofing styles to match your home and design needs. If your concern is long term quality, ask us about our warranty policies. Our roofing contractor team has been serving North Georgia and the surrounding area for 20 years.

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