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Roof Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Roof repair in Kennesaw, GA is year-round. That’s why Kennesaw homeowners have to take a lot into consideration when purchasing residential or commercial roofing. If your roof is leaking or damaged then it’s important to repair the damage immediately rather than leaving it for later. This will help to preserve the longevity and the performance of your roof. 

Some roof repair in Kennesaw, GA is easy. They require minimum hard work and a simple DIY.  This article is the perfect guideline for you if you are looking to save some money on your roof repair in Kennesaw, GA. Let’s take a look at some of the easy and cost-effective roof repairing tricks and tips for your house. 

Repair a Leaky Roof

the first thing to look for is water penetration when repairing a leaky roof. Leaks can occur from roof vents, dormers, valleys, and chimneys.  The easiest option to track down a leak is to look for it by using a flashlight if you have attic access. Leaks will usually leave a water stain, black mark or mold. 

Patch the hole with roofing tar and scrap materials now that you found the source of the leak. To do this you can use a putty knife to fill the hole or crack. Next, take a small piece of plywood or a spare shingle and press it firmly against the tar-filled hole. This will seal the crack or the hole completely. Apply more roofing tar around the outsides of the shingle or plywood for further protection. We always recommend using a professional roofing contractor even though this can be a DIY project.

Replace the Shingles

roofline shingles

One of the easiest roof repair jobs is to replace the shingles. However, only do this if the damaged area is small and you don’t mind the height. Make sure the new ones match the old ones in color, shape, and size when buying shingles for your roof. It can reduce the outer appearance of your house and lose you some potential new buyers if the patches don’t match perfectly. 

Remove the damaged area and loose shingles in the surrounding area to replace them. Next, use a combination of adhesives for the type of shingles and nail them securely in place.  While this is often not a large task it can be challenging on a slippery or steep roof. We recommend that you use proper safety gear to secure yourself if working on your own roof.  Contact us at Elite Roofing of Georgia if you do not have the gear available. We can look at it and repair it for you in no time.

Repair Plumbing Vest Boots

Plumbing vent boots are commonly made with all plastic, two-piece metal units or a combination of plastic and metal. For metal plumbing vent boots, look for broken seams and for plastic, check the bases. Sometimes the rubber boot surrounding the plastic can be torn or rotted away. This allows the water to find its way into the house alongside the pipeline. It’s a good idea to check the rubber boot too. 

Replace them with a new one if the plumbing vent boots are totally damaged. Replace it with rubber washer screws that are mostly used for metal roofing systems if it’s only missing some nails. Sometimes you will have to remove the shingles while fixing the plumbing vent boots. Make sure to use a flat bar to separate the sealant between the layers of the shingles so you can reuse the shingles after repairing the plumbing vent boots. 

Repair Walls and Dormers

rain water roof gutter

Cracked shingles aren’t always the main source of water leakage. Sometimes wind-driven rain may come in around windows, through cracks and knotholes in siding, and between corner boards and siding. Rainwater can dribble down the dormer walls and enter the roof and later works its way into the house. 

Use a putty knife to track the unsealed area, dig out the damaged caulk and replace it with a high-quality caulk to fix the walls and the dormer. Make sure the new pieces are overlapping the step flashing by at least a few inches when replacing the cracked, rotted or missing siding. 

Why Choose Us

At Elite Roofing of Georgia, we offer free consultation and estimation along with excellent roof replacement and repair service for the best price. We are considered one of the top-rated companies in roof repair in Kennesaw, GA. Also, we have achieved many Home Advisor awards over the last several years. We are GAF certified and offer Zero Money Due Until Completion. With our 20 years of experience in this industry, you can rest assured that you will get the best product and services from Elite Roofing of Georgia. 


We offer 10 Year No Leak Warranty on the newly built roof and for the homeowners in need of roof repair in Kennesaw, GA. We offer a 2 Year No Leak Warranty. This is the best and longest warranty service than all other roof replacement companies in Kennesaw. We provide special customer service to the homeowners who wish to upgrade their warranty system to the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. Ask our experts how to get a free GAF inspection after the roof-installation.

About Kennesaw

Kennesaw is a cobb county city in Georgia. It lies in the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area with a population of 29,000. Kennesaw is best known for its mandatory gun-possession ordinance. It acted as the staging ground for the Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War.

Every April, the city holds its annual Big Shanty Festival. Usually, the festival starts with a parade. Almost 200 crafts and art booths are displayed with more than 20 food booths. People from all over the country visit the festival. At least 60,000 people attended the festival every year to celebrate the arts and crafts of the USA. 

Tourists visit Kennesaw especially because of its historical sites surrounding the American Civil War. The most popular places among tourists are the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, and Kennesaw State University. 

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Kennesaw has a challenging climate. It’s too hot in summer and too wet and cold during winter. And, it is muggy and humid all year round. That’s why it’s important to have a roof that is energy-efficient and durable. And that’s why you need a roofing company that can take care of your needs and has a long experience in this industry. 

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