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Roof Repair in Woodstock GA

Roof repair and roof replacement are dreaded tasks in home improvement. And the damage and destruction roofing systems encounter may not seem noticeable straight away. However, if the damage isn’t addressed from the beginning, then it will only worsen over time. There are few signs to look for to know if it’s time to service your roof.


Over the course of many years, roofing materials such as asphalt shingles get worn out. Furthermore, the ever-changing temperature causes the roof to turn brittle due to expansion and contraction. Harsh UV rays also melt the tar that holds the composition shingles together. At the first sign of leakage, you should start budgeting for roofing services.

Brick Chimneys

 Roof Repair in Woodstock GA

Brick chimneys may seem indestructible. However, the elements that bind the bricks together are simply water, sand, and cement. And exposure to extreme weather over the years can cause brick chimneys to erode and crumble.

To check if it’s time for a roof repair or roof replacement, inspect the mortared joints of the chimney entering the roof. Also, check the mud cap on top of the chimney for decay. You can quickly fix worn out joints. To do so, patch them up with cement. Alternatively, you can get professional help for roof repair in Woodstock GA.


Flashing are thin strips of metal. It can easily rust or crack after being exposed to constant moisture and extreme weather. Leaking at the flashing is a common problem on a roof. Consequently, flashing needs to be properly sealed nailed in place.

Depending on the condition of the damaged flashing, the cost of repair varies. Using caulking and roofing cement to repair flashing is only a temporary solution. Even if you do a great job, you will have to redo the whole process in a few month’s time. It is best to call Elite Roofing of Georgia for a roof repair or roof replacement service. We will help you to remove the faulty flashing and install a new one.

Missing Shingles

Changing damaged shingles or installing new shingles is the easiest roof repair job. To complete this job like this you must first pull the nails from the existing shingles. Next, slide the new shingles in place. Make sure to securely re-nail the neighbors while replacing the damaged ones.

It’s quite hard to color match new shingles with your existing shingles. That is unless you have some leftover shingles. And have also left them out to age as well. Otherwise, just find shingles with color as close to the existing as possible.

Remember climbing on your roof can be dangerous. If you are uncomfortable or do not have the proper safety equipment, it is best to call in a professional. Elite Roof in a full service roofing contractor in the Atlanta area.


Many things can cause a hole in your roof. Hailstorms, extremely windy weather, animals, or branches can damage roofs, siding and other areas of the home. Even antenna mounting brackets or misplaced roofing nails can also cause holes. Holes are hard to spot unless you get your roof inspected by a professional.

However, you don’t always need a professional roofer to fix the holes. You can easily do it by yourself with a small piece of flashing under the shingle. It’s simple and saves money on your roof repair in Woodstock GA.

Clogged Gutters

 Roof Repair in Woodstock GA

Clogged gutters are another sign that a roof may need repair or replacement. Gutters can get gummed up with debris. This leads to water draining away from your roof and foundation. The back up of water onto your roof will eventually cause damage and leaks. It may also cause issues with your foundation as well.

If you want professional help to clean out the gutters, the cost of the job may range from $100 to $300. The final price depends on the size of your roof and the amount of debris and junk present.

About Woodstock GA

Woodstock Georgia holds a world of Southern charm with historic ambiance and a strong sense of community. The city of Woodstock has a vibrant downtown that is home to one-of-a-kind dining and shopping experiences.

In the historic setting of downtown, you will find more than 30 locally-owned shops. Additionally, unique dining experiences await you in Downtown Woodstock. The area is home to a great selection of dining options.

Woodstock is home to the Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta; Georgia’s newest premium outlet mall. They feature over 100 world-class stores.

Woodstock’s proximity to 12,000-acre Lake Allatoona ensures ample outdoor opportunities. Visitors may enjoy boating, swimming, fishing. Woodstock’s parks offer many amenities including walking and biking trails, decks overlooking Little River, and much more. 23 miles of beginner through advanced mountain bike and hiking trails can be found at Rope Mill Park.

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The weather in Woodstock is quite extreme. It’s burning hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. It is dry, windy and partly cloudy year-round. That’s why homeowners have to take extra care when choosing their roofing materials and contractors. With our credible roofing company by your side, you can rest assured that you will only get the best for your home and business.

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