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Roof Repair Powder Springs GA

Your roof is a critical component of keeping your house weather tight. If your roof fails, it can lead to catastrophic damage. When it comes to roof repair Powder Springs GA, Elite Roofing of Georgia is your best bet. We are ready to bring our team of experts to your Powder Springs home to install or repair your roof damage. There is no job too big or small.

We have honed our abilities to not only help you quickly identify where leaks are occurring, and we are ready to help you repair them so you can stop worrying.

Causes for Roof Repair Powder Springs GA

When your roof leaks, it is more than just your roof you have to worry about. Repairs to insulation, drywall, structure, and mold remediation can add up quickly. Elite Roofing of Georgia can assess and repair your roof quick with a team of industry experts. Are you experiencing any of these common causes for roof repair?

Roof Repair Powder Springs GA

Excessive Shingle Wear Due to Age and Roof Traffic

3-tab asphalt shingles are still, after over 100 years, the product of choice to protect your roof from the elements. With a low cost and average lifespan of 20-30 years, there is no question of why they have stood the test of time.

What if your house is more than 20 years old? It is probably time to start looking for signs to replace your roof. Clear signs that you need a roof replacement include curled or blistered shingles, Lots of gravel granules in your gutters and downspouts, unwanted houseplants on shady portions of your roof, or water leakage in your attic. If you question the life of your roof, have it inspected by an expert roofing contractor like Elite Roofing of Georgia.

Debris and Storm Damage

With an area like Powder Springs, storms bring a lot more than wind and rain. High wind can cause trees to uproot and branches to fall on your roof. When this happens, severe damage such as cracked rafters and holes can result. Ultimately left unrepaired, these are vulnerable spots for water to get inside your home and damage even more.

If falling debris wasn’t enough, hail from severe storms can cause significant damage to the surface of your roof. Hail can compromise the integrity of the shingles and membrane, causing leaks to occur even when the roof looks to be intact.

Improper Installation or Materials

Your roof is a system comprised of many parts, including a roof membrane, roof flashing, roof vents, shingles, or chimneys. Although various things can damage all of these, improper installation is the leading cause of a reduced life expectancy for your roof.

The use of inappropriate materials or installation methods on your roof can drastically shorten its life span. Using a licensed and insured contractor with specific knowledge of roofing is your best bet to avoid this common mistake. Elite Roofing of Georgia is your independent contractor and roofer of choice in Powder springs.

Improper Ventilation

When you are not sure where exactly the leak is coming from, the culprit may be your roof due to inadequate ventilation. Rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms must have proper ventilation to ensure moisture buildup does not occur.

Not only should rooms with high humidity have sufficient ventilation, but your roof also requires adequate ventilation. Using a soffit-to-ridge ventilation system can improve the length of life in your roof. Elite Roofing of Georgia is ready to assess if your roof has adequate ventilation.


We pride ourselves as Georgia’s most trusted and dependable roofing company. Warranties are crucial in becoming a reliable roofing company for the community. That’s why we offer a full two-year warranty on repairs made by our roofers.

With over 20 years of experience of meeting and surpassing the expectations of our customers, you can expect a great job on your roof repairs. Together, our cost-efficient solutions and warranty give you peace of mind if future problems arise.

Why Elite Roofing of Georgia

Excellent customer service, quality materials, honest warranties, and 20 years of experience are what define us. Our relentless mission is to give the best in the roofing industry by bringing our own experience to the table and knowledge on what new tools are out there to keep your property safe.

From the first inspection to clean up, we deliver the best service possible promptly to Powder Springs GA.

Your life continues when dealing with roof installation or repair. We do everything in our power to make this process as easy as we can for you by helping with insurance issues and providing great work. See our reviews here.

Elite Roofing of Georgia has the following certifications and awards:

When you think of top-notch roofing services, you should think of Elite Roofing of Georgia.

About Powder Springs, GA

Located 25 miles northwest of Atlanta, Powder Springs is your hometown destination for outdoor family fun and recreation. Our beautiful historic downtown and Towne Square is host to events, concerts, shopping, and has connecting trails and routes to the popular Silver Comet Trail.

Other Powder Springs attractions include:

  • The Southern Quilt Trail
  • The Seven Springs Museum
  • The nationally known Cobb County BMX park

Powder Springs is also known for its’ integrated city bike and pedestrian trails and our many recreational parks, including the new Seven Springs Water Park.

In addition to our local attractions, Powder Springs is near Cobb County and Metro Atlanta tourism attractions, including Six Flags Over Georgia, Sweetwater Creek State Park, and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield.

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