Storm Damage Siding Replacement: A ‘Board’ Meeting You’ll Actually Enjoy!

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Storm Damage Siding Replacement: The Weatherproof Armor Your Home Deserves

The Clash of the Elements: Storm Damage’s Dastardly Deeds

When Mother Nature throws one of her notorious tantrums, the results can be truly devastating. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a staggering 15.3% of all insured home damage claims in the United States from 2014 to 2018 pointed to wind and hail damage as the culprits. These figures effectively set the stage for a ‘board’ meeting at your residential or commercial property, albeit one centered on storm damage siding replacement.

A Silver Lining: A Home Improvement Opportunity with Meaning

Storm damage siding repair isn’t all doom and gloom. Like a well-placed rainbow after a storm, it presents a prime opportunity for exterior renovation. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) noted in a 2020 report that storms instigated roughly $10 billion worth of property damage across the United States. This distressing figure emphasizes the pressing need for effective storm damage solutions, such as storm damage siding replacement.

The Art and Science of Siding Installation

Installing residential siding is no casual Sunday afternoon DIY project. It’s a crucial home repair process that calls for a professional touch to ensure precise fitting and optimal deployment of weatherproof siding. A botched installation is akin to a leaky roof overlooking a cozy living room, a disaster waiting to happen.

Step-by-step Guide to Siding Installation

In pursuit of storm restoration and damage restoration after bad weather has passed, here are some steps that professionals, like us at Elite Roofing of Georgia, take:

1. Assessment: A thorough examination to determine damage extent.

2. Removal: The damaged siding is cautiously dislodged to prevent further scattering.

3. Purchase: Based on the assessment, suitable siding is procured.

4. Installation: The siding is meticulously fitted, ensuring no gaps are left.

5. Inspection: A final overview of the installed siding validates its impeccable installation.

Rolling Thunder? Our Siding Replacement Services Have You Covered

When the thunder rolls, and the heavens weep uncontrollably, homeowners with high-quality siding breathe easy; they know their home exterior damage is well-cushioned. Studies from the Insurance Information Institute reveal that wind and hail damage constituted a dominant 34.6% of homeowner insurance claims between 2014 and 2018, thus amplifying the necessity for reliable, weatherproof siding.


What is the best time to schedule a storm damage home repair?

Although there isn’t a “best” time, immediately after noticing damaged siding is ideal to prevent further damage.

Can I do the siding replacement by myself?

While you might be tempted to turn this into a DIY project, we strongly advise against it. Professional expertise guarantees results that are safe, durable, and up to code.

Tips for Managing Post-Storm:

1. Inspection: Check your home exterior after a storm for signs of damage.

2. Insurance: Always stay updated on what your insurance covers with regards to weather damage.

3. Quality: When seeking storm repair services, always choose quality service providers for sustainable solutions.

In Conclusion: Weather the Storm with Elite Roofing of Georgia

Storm damage siding repair represents a significant component of home improvement. It bolsters the resilience of your home against manner of weather onslaughts, keeping you cozy and warm on the inside. Elite Roofing of Georgia is available to help you weatherproof your home with advanced siding replacement options. Don’t ‘weather’ the storm alone; let us fortify your fortress.